should you renew insurance yourself or through an agent?

Many people are now connected and comfortable conducting their business online, online banking, e-commence, online ordering of food, hotel booking, purchase of air tickets etc, so what is renewing insurance online?

This site allow instant renewal of your motor insurance, and soon will expand to include other insurance services such as travel insurance, fire insurance, Personal Accident etc So, if you are comfortable of renewing insurance online, you can get your insurance sorted fast without hunting for an agent’s office. Renew your insurance anytime and anywhere.

But there are incidents that you will need agent to assist you, such as transfer your NCD from another car to your new car, extending your car insurance for a few month to facilitate sale of the car, pass endorsement to add additional name driver, withdraw your NCD for another car etc

Also, there are time you cannot renew your insurance online due to some specific reason such as lapsed policy, high risk vehicle, company registered vehicle, special classes, such as Taxi, A-permit, C-permit, tour bus, school bus etc. These will usually need agent to quote and issue. At anytime you need help, reach out to us at 016 3333 513, and we will assist you.

If you are confident of renewing online yourselves, then go ahead and get your cover note issued instantly without waiting for us to manual send you a quote. Bear in mind, this is a website build by us whom are agents representing a few insurers.

By renewing insurance online through our site, you get instant cover note and servicing of an agent. Any mistake or assistance needed, you can also contact us for help.